Score High in JAMB:- The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for 2020 will commence on 14th March 2020. Any serious UTME candidate should be curious of the secrets to scoring high in the exam. This is what this page is all about.

The list below was gotten from experience, questions and results of past JAMB candidates, hence can be trusted. If you want to score high in the UTME, then you need to do just seven things.

Allstudylink will be showing you the things to do if you want to score high in JAMB. When we say high score, we mean like 270+. yeah we will show you seven simple things to do here.


They include:

1. Study rightly: 

Oh yes this point tops our list because its the best of them all. We strongly recommend that you study with the accurate JAMB syllabus and practice the accurate JAMB past questions.

Don’t waste your time reading anything you lay your hands upon. Make sure you read with the right materials. Click on JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects, and  JAMB Brochure.

2. Believe in yourself: 

You just have to believe that you can make it. Don’t allow fear to defeat you. You must win this battle.
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3. Be Punctual:

Get to the exam hall at least 30 minutes to the time on your exam. Coming late for exam may destabilize your mind and make you lose focus

4. Start your Exam with Familiar Questions:

When you start your exam with the questions you know, you have more chances of scoring high. research have also proven that when you answer questions you know, you tend to remember the once skipped because you forgot the answer.

Just make sure you answer the questions you know, after-which answer every other question.

5. Review your Answers:

Sometimes because of tension or some other things, you might tend to make mistake while answering the questions or even remember answer to the questions you forgot.

Allstudylink will therefore advice all JAMB candidates to please try and go through your answered questions again before submitting, especially if you still have time.

6. Submit on Time:

Yes this is also important! Though if you don’t submit, the system has been programmed to automatically submit for you.

But due to system error that might occur, we advice you submit few minutes to the time allocated to you. Don’t allow system to shut you out.

7. God has the Final Say: 

We can read, work hard, be punctual but if God have not  blessed our efforts, all is in vein. Pray to God God (Olodumare, Allah, Chineke) that He blesses your effort and trust in him. At a perfect time, He will not fail you.

Allstudylink is seriously praying for you, we don’t just wish you success in your UTME exam, we also pray that this year, you will get admission into your desired tertiary institution to study your desired course.

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