Jamb Questions and Answers:- In this article you will find some likely questions you may come across during your jamb examination, and the correct answer for each.

Jamb Questions and Answers

This article covers all subjects, starting with the Use of English.

Instructions: Read the questions carefully, and choose the correct option from A - D.


Who is the author of the novel “Sweet Sixteen” ?.

A. Bolaji Adelaide

B. Bolaji Abdullahi

C. Bolade Abdullahi

D. Jerry Agada.

Answer: Bolaji Abdullahi

Question: How old was Aliya in the novel?

A. 16

B. 18

C. 17

D. 19

Answer: 16

Question: According to one expert; “comprehensive

sex education

doesn’t encourage kids to have sex”

A. True

B. False

Answer: true

Question: KOTL means…

A. Kiss on the lips

B. Kiss on the laps

C. Kiss on top the lips

D. Kiss on top the legs

Answer: kiss on the lips

Question: Who almost fainted when he heard that some student were caught on the school basketball court at night having “s*x”?

A. Mr James

B. Aliya

C. Mr Bello

D. Bolaji

Answer: Mr Bello

Question: Good comprehensive programmes teach students that abstinence is the only sure-fire way to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

A. True

B. False

Answer: True

Question: Adoringly, Aliya was referred to as…

A. Journalist

B. Sex addict

C. Beautiful lady

D. First lady

Answer: first lady

Question: Who asked this question “What does HAK and KOTL mean?”

A. Aliya

B. Bolaji

C. Mr Bello

D. First lady

Answer. Aliya. Recall that Aliya once asked her dad, Mr Bello: “Okay Daddy, what does HAK and KOTL mean?” And when the father expressed his ignorance of the acronyms, Aliya gleefully answered her own questions; “HAK means ‘Hugs and Kisses’ while KOTL means ‘Kiss On The Lips’”.

Question: Mr Bello is a ___ by profession from the novel.

A. An accountant

B. Engineer

C. Nurse

D. Journalist

Answer: Journalist

Question: Where were the student caught having s*x?

A. At the chapel

B. Behind a lawn tennis court

C. At the basketball court

D. In the toilet

Answer: at the basketball court

Question: ___ is the protagonist in the novel, “Sweet Sixteen”

A. Mr Bello

B. Aliya

C. Mrs Bello

D. Mr Fayose

Answer: Aliya

Question: From the novel, most teenagers knows what adults seems to be hiding from them

A. True

B. False

Answer: true

MATHEMATICS (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. A group of market women sell at least one of yam, plantain and maize. 12 of them sell maize, 10 sell yam and 14 sell plantain. 5 sell plantain and maize, 4 sell yam and maize, 2 sell yam and plantain only while 3 sell all the three items. How many women are in the group?

A. 25

B. 19

C. 18

D. 17

Correct Answer: Option A


Let the three items be M, Y and P.

n{M ∩ Y} only = 4-3 = 1

n{M ∩ P) only = 5-3 = 2

n{ Y ∩ P} only = 2

n{M} only = 12-(1+3+2) = 6

n{Y} only = 10-(1+2+3) = 4

n{P} only = 14-(2+3+2) = 7

n{M∩P∩Y} = 3

Number of women in the group = 6+4+7+(1+2+2+3) as above =25 women.

  1. If {(a2b-3c)3/4/a-1b4c5} = apbqcr; what is the value of p+2q?

A. (5/2)

B. -(5/4)

C. -(25/4)

D. -10

Correct Answer: Option D


Hint: Use BODMAS and algebra to arrive at the values of P = 5/2, q = -25/4 and r = -9/2.Then substitute the values of p and q into p+2q to get -10.

  1. A trader bought 100 oranges at 5 for N1.20, 20 oranges got spoilt and the remaining were sold at 4 for N1.50. Find the percentage gain or loss.

A. 30% gain

B. 25% gain

C. 30% loss

D. 25% loss

Correct Answer: Option B


Cost price (cp) = (100/5) x N1.20 =N24.00

Selling price (sp) = 100-20 = 80

(80/4) x N1.50 = N30.00

Gain = SP-CP = N30.00-N24.00 = N6.00

Gain% = (gain/CP) x 100 = 25%

  1. What is the answer when 24346 is divided by 426?

A. 23 base 6

B. 35 base 6

C. 52 base 6

D. 55 base 6

Correct Answer: Option B


Hint: Two methods can be used;

  1. Direct division (if you know division in number bases)

  2. Convert both sides to base 10, divide and convert your answer back to base 6. Your answer should be 356.

  3. The sum of two numbers is twice their difference. If the difference of the numbers is P, find the larger of the two numbers

A. p/2

B. 3p/2

C. 5p/2

D. 3p

Correct Answer: Option B


Let the numbers be x and y

x+y = 2p…..(i)

x-y = p……(ii)

2x = 3p

x = 3p/2

  1. A binary operation * is defined by a*b = ab+a+b for any real number a and b. if the identity element is zero, find the inverse of 2 under this operation.

A. 2/3

B. 1/2

C. -1/2

D. -2/3

Correct Answer: Option D



if e = 0


collecting like terms, we have:


= 2−1 = -2/3

  1. Tope bought X oranges at N5.00 each and some mangoes at N4.00 each. if she bought twice as many mangoes as oranges and spent at least N65.00 and at most N130.00, find the range of values of X.

A. 4≤X≤5

B. 5≤X≤8

C. 5≤X≤10

D. 8≤X≤10

Correct Answer: Option C


Number of oranges = X; Costing N5X.

Number of mangoes = 2X; Costing N8X.




  1. The first term of a geometric progression is twice its common ratio. Find the sum of the first two terms of the G.P if its sum to infinity is 8.

A. 8/5

B. 8/3

C. 72/25

D. 56/9

Correct Answer: Option C


Let the common ratio be r so that the first term is 2r.

Sum, s = a/(1-r)

ie. 8 = 2r/(1-r)

8(1-r) = 2r, r = 8/5.

Sn = a(1-rn)/(1-r)

Solve further to get 72/25

  1. In ∆MNO, MN = 6 units, MO = 4 units and NO = 12 units. If the bisector of and M meets NO at P, calculate NP.

A. 4.8 units

B. 7.2 units

C. 8.0 units

D. 18.0 units

Correct Answer: Option B

  1. Find the tangent to the acute angle between the lines 2x+y = 3 and 3x-2y = 5.

A. -7/4

B. 7/8

C. 7/4

D. 7/2

Correct Answer: Option C

ECONOMICS (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The effect of an expansionary monetary system above full employment level is a

CORRECT ANSWER = rise in the inflation rate

2 :- the maimumum amount of money a company is allowed to raise b issuing shares to the public is

CORRECT ANSWER = authorised capital

3 :- the value of money will apppreciate if

CORRECT ANSWER = price decrease

4 :- in noigeria ,government can ensure continos supply of agricultural produce in al the seasons by

CORRECT ANSWER = provide adequate and efficient storage facilities

5 :- from the above table calculat the ccoefficient of elasticity of demand


6 :- the reduction of high fertility rate is a measure of population control designed

CORRECT ANSWER = make growth I population

8 :- capital accumulation for low income earners is btter done through

CORRECT ANSWER = credit and thrift societies

9 :- the government of nigeria can conserve foreign exchange by

CORRECT ANSWER = restricting import through imprt quotas

10 :- the minimum number of persons who are legally allowed to operate in a partnership business is between

CORRECT ANSWER = 2 and 20.

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GOVERNMENT (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The process of removing an elected official by the electorate after an election is termed ___

Answer: Impeachment

  1. A characteristic of fascist state is the existence of a

Answer: Zero party system

  1. In the 1930s, the political movement that challenged the NNDP domination of Lagos politics was the

Answer: NYM (National Youths Movement)

  1. The transfer of authority to local government councils is known as

Answer: Devolution of powers

  1. The Federal system of government in Nigeria was abolished in favour of a unitary one by

Answer: Major General Johson Aguiyi-Ironsi

  1. The first franchise in the history of the democratic process is

Answer: Universal Franchise

  1. Which of the following Countries is closely associated with the development of Ajaokuta Steel project?

Answer: Russia

  1. The motion of equality before the law is the same as the principle of

Answer: Rule of law

  1. The president of Nigeria was indirectly elected through a secret ballot for a period of five years by the senate in

Answer: 1963

  1. The Nigerian council was created by?

Answer: Frederick Lugard

BIOLOGY (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The opening and closing of the stomata is by

Ans: Osmosis

  1. _______ have both male and female reproductive organs

Ans: Hermaphrodite

  1. When a person moves from a dark room into a bright light, the pupils become____

Ans: smaller

4. ____soil has the highest water-retaining capacity

Ans: Clay

  1. The _____tissues transport manufactured food from the leaves mainly to other parts of the plant either for use or for storage

Ans: phloem

  1. Melanin is produced by cells called _____

Ans: melanocytes.

  1. _____ is the part of the eye that is sensitive to light

Ans: Retina

  1. ____is a group of cells that are similarly arranged together to perform a specific function.

Ans: Tissue

9. An organism that has been extensively used to test the chromosome theory of heredity is ______

Ans: Drosophila Melanogaster

  1. The ____ secretes insulin a hormone which controls excess sugar in the blood.

Ans: pancreas

CHEMISTRY (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The most reactive metal known is Francium.

2. GEL is a SOL which contains more solid particle dispersed in liquid than usual.

  1. The hardest substance known to man is DIAMOND.

  2. The lowest Oxidation State of IRON is ZERO

5. Quantum Numbers only describes ELECTRONS and not ATOMS.

6. Hydrogenation of Alkynes gives Alkanes

  1. The Law of Definite Proportion is also referred to as the law of Constant Composition.

  2. Sodium liberates H2 from Water = False.

*Sodium liberates H2 from Steam = True

  1. The electrolyte used in DOWN CELL is Molten NaCl fused with Cacl2

10. Na is not stored under water because it Tarnishes.

PHYSICS (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. I. The earth is not spherical but elliptical in shape.

II. Variation in latitude and  longitude.

III. Rotation of the earth on its axis.

IV. Variation in the density of the earth.

On which combination of the above does the weight of an object vary on the earth’s surface?

A. I, II and III only.

B. I, II, III and IV.

C. I and II only.

D. II, III and IV only.

Answer: Option B

  1. If a spherical metal bob of radius 3cm is fully immersed in a cylinder containing water and the water level rises by 1cm,

what is the radius of the cylinder?

A. 6cm B. 12cm

C. 1cm D. 3cm.

Answer: Option A

  1. The efficiency of a machine is always less than 100% because the

A. velocity ratio is always greater than the mechanical advantage.

B. work output is always greater than the work input.

C. effort applied is always greater than the load lifted.

D. load lifted is always greater than the effort applied.

Answer: Option A

  1. The height at which the atmosphere ceases to exist is about 80km. If the atmospheric pressure on the ground level is 760mmHg, the pressure at a height of 20km above the ground level is

A. 380 mmHg B. 190 mmHg

C. 570 mmHg D. 480 mmHg

Answer: Option C

  1. Which of the following consists entirely vector quantities?

A. Work, pressure and moment

B. Velocity, magnetic flux and reaction.

C. Displacement, impulse and power.

D. Tension, magnetic flux and mass.

Answer: Option B

  1. A stone of mass 1kg is dropped from a height of 10m above the ground and falls freely under gravity. Its kinetic energy 5m above the ground is then equal to

A. its kinetic energy on the ground.

B. half its initial potential

C. its initial potential energy.

D. twice its initial potential energy.

Answer: Option B

  1. The resultant of two forces acting on an object is maximum if the angle between

A. 45

B. 180

C. 0

Answer: Option C

D. 90

  1. The terrestrial telescope has one extra lens more than the astronomical telescope. The extra lens is for

A. erection of the image.

B. improving the sharpness.

C. crating an inverted image.

D. magnification of the image.

Answer: Option A

  1. A plane sound wave of frequency 85.5Hz and velocity 342ms-1is reflected from a vertical wall. At what distance from the wall does the wave have an


A. 1m B 1m C. 2m D. 3m

Answer: Option B

  1. A string is fastened tightly between two walls 24cm apart. The wavelength of the second overtone is12cm B. 24cm C. 8cm D. 16cm

Answer: Option D

LITERATURE (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The literary device that describes the year a novel is written is

Answer: Setting

  1. The combination of two or more metaphor is called

Answer: Mixed Metaphor

  1. “Tolu is my bitter friend” illustrates the use of

Answer: Oxymoron

  1. Assonance refers to

Answer: repetition of vowel sounds

  1. The summary of a literary work is also referred to as

Answer: Subject matter

  1. A foil character usually

Answer: Contrast with another character

  1. ….. is also called a dynamic character

Answer: Round character

  1. When a character says something and means another, it is called?

Answer: verbal irony

  1. ….. is a figure of speech that has to do with sound

Answer: Onomatopoeia

  1. Which is the oldest genre of literature

Answer: Poetry

GEOGRAPHY (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. Which of these is a textural classification of soils?

A. Rounded, irregular and flat

B. Angular, Prismatic and Columnar

C. Rounded, Pebbles and silt

D. Angular, Sand and clay

E. Sand, Loamy and clay

Option: Answer E

  1. The main composition of coal is

A. Iron

B. Quartz

C. Clay

D. Carbon

E. Zinc.

Option: Answer D

  1. The circulation of ocean currents is

A. Clockwise both in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern

B. Anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere

C. Anticlockwise both in the northern and southern hemisphere

D. Clockwise in both northern and southern hemisphere

E. Clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere

Option: Answer E

  1. Which of the following lakes owes its origin mainly to faulting __.

A. Lake Victoria

B. Lake Malawi

C. Lake Superior

D. lake Kariba

E. Lake Chad

Option: Answer B

  1. What is the approximate height of the location marked x?

A. 375 metres

B. 395 metres

C. 360 metres

D. 380 metres

E. 390 metres

Option: Answer B

  1. What is the average gradient of the slope marked G-H?

A. 1:34

B. 1:40

C. 1: 38

D. 1:32

E. 1:36

Option: Answer E

  1. Name the features crossed by the footpath between points Y and Z.

A. Spur

B. Gorge

C. Ridge

D. Windgap

E. Dry Valley

Option: Answer E

  1. The length of the main road to the nearest kilometre is __.

A. 14 Kilometres

B. 20 Kilometres

C. 7 Kilometres

D. 10 Kilometres

E. 12 Kilometres.

Option: Answer A

  1. What is the size, in square kilometres of the area covered by the map?

A. 58.0sqkm

B. 64.0sqkm

C. 51.0sqkm

D. 62.0sqkm

E. 55.0sqkm

Option: Answer D

  1. Which one of the following ports occupies the best natural site in West Africa?

A. Monrovia

B. Tema

C. Banjul

D. Lagos

E. Freetown

Option: Answer E

ACCOUNTING (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. The profit of a branch is usually credited to the

Answer: Branch office goods account

  1. Departmental accounts are maintained to ascertain the

Answer: Contribution of each department

  1. In a professional partnership, membership must be between

Answer: 2 and 10

  1. Profit or loss in a partnership is usually arrived at after deducting from gross profit all expenses including

Answer: Interest on loans

  1. The debenture issued at par above the nominal value is said to be issued at a

Answer: Premium

  1. Questions: The principal use of control accounts is to

Answer: Localize errors within ledgers

  1. When a bill is negotiated at the bank, it is said to be

Answer: Discounted

  1. Credit sales were debited to Akpana instead of B. Akpan. This is an error of

Answer: Commission

  1. The main objective of accounting report is to provide information about …

Answer: An entity’s management

  1. The purpose of using sales ledger balance to cancel off purchases ledger balance is

Answer: Set off

AGRICULTURE (Jamb Questions and Answers)

  1. Theobroma cacao grows best in the

Answer: humid rainforest zone

  1. By-products of livestock used as feed ingredients in poultry ration include

Answer: blood and bones

  1. The following are Farm surveying equipment

Answer: Gunters chain, compass and Abney level

  1. Subsistence farmers mostly practice

Answer: mixed farming

  1. Nutrient replenishment in soil can be enhanced by

Answer: Crop rotation

  1. Insect damage to crop takes the form of

Answer: chewing, sucking and piercing

  1. A farmer collects 800 eggs from a laying stock of 1200 birds per day. Determine the laying percentage of the stock

Answer: Laying percentage = (number of eggs x 100) ÷ number of layers = (800×100) ÷ 1200 = 67%

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  1. The branch of horticulture that deals with the production of vegetables is called

Answer: Pomology

  1. A bag of fertilizer has a ratio of 0 : 10: 0 written on it. This means that the fertilizer is a

Answer: Phosphate fertilizer

  1. A piece of land is said to be on lease to a farmer when it is

Answer: rented for a period.

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