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Some parents in Lagos State have kicked against reopening of schools in view of the continued spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The parents who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews agree that it was important for the federal and state governments to continue to safeguard children from the pandemic.

NAN reported that the Federal Government on Wednesday said that it was considering reopening of schools based on morning and afternoon shifts method .

The Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, made the disclosure in Abuja during a briefing by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19.

A civil servant, Mrs Ayobami Ojo, who resides in Ikotun, urged the government to allow children to remain at home until containment of the pandemic.

“There is no need of considering any morning and evening classes for now; let the children continue to stay safe at home as the virus is increasing everyday.

“ Children will naturally not be as cautious as adults; schools cannot be compared to markets.

“Reopening of schools should be considered when confirmed cases drop very well,” Ojo said.

Also, a businesswoman, Mrs Abiodun Aina, living at Ayobo, said that children’s lives could be jeopardised by hasty school resumption.

“It is difficult to control adults, let alone children, we should not risk the lives of children.

“A two-shift option for classes may not stop the spread of the virus.

“It is better for them to remain at home until COVID -19 subsides or vaccination is found.

“ Nigerians should stop putting pressure on government to reopen schools. Why are we in a rush? We need to be patient,” Aina said.

A businessman, Mr Kayode Jacob, who resides at Iyana-Ipaja, said that governments should not consider reopening primary schools at the moment.

According to him, doing so at the moment would be dangerous.

“ University and secondary schools students can be cautioned. They can observe social distancing and other precautions, but these will be difficult for nursery and primary school pupils.

“ The lives of our children should be paramount because they are the leaders of tomorrow,” Jacob said. (NAN)

Yes guys, that’s the update for today, some parents really thinks should shouldn’t resume now.

Here at Allstudylink, we agree with Mr Kayode. We think Tertiary and Secondary School Students should be allowed to resume (ofcourse after releasing the guidelines). It will be easier for these categories of students to adhere to instructions.

What do you think? Please click the green button to share your views with us. We sincerely love reading your comments. Please don’t forget to share this page with friends.

And don’t forget, once FG announces an official date for school resumption, we will update this page.

UPDATE 07 (27th May): FG to release guidelines on school reopening:

We have another good news for you, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19 has stated that they will release guidelines on school reopening.

The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, stated this during a briefing on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said, “I wish to inform Nigerians that the Federal Ministry of Education will roll out measures for the self-reopening of schools.

“The Presidential Task Force wishes to use the occasion of this celebration to congratulate our children and assure them, their parents and all stakeholders alike that all hands are on deck to reopen schools at a safe time.

“We, therefore, use this medium to urge states, local governments, proprietors and all other stakeholders to begin to take steps that will facilitate an early and safe reopening.”

UPDATE 06 (27th May): FG considers morning, afternoon classes

 FG considers morning, afternoon classes

The Federal Government has hinted that they are considering morning and afternoon classes for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

The Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba stated this on Wednesday during a briefing by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja.

“We are going to publish a specification on what we expect COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 reopening to look like. We are not talking about coping with COVID-19 but in spite of COVID-19, we expect that we will adapt.

“For a country that has over 115,000 primary schools, you will understand that 35,000 of these who are private must agree to set up the same standard in other to allow children to go in.

“We may have classes in the morning and classes in the afternoon so that we will have the whole of the infrastructure divided provided they can serve us. I am not sure we will have classes at night. But we can do with morning and afternoon for now,” he explained.

Those are the two updates for today (27th May).

To Allstudylink Team, this is a good news! This reassures that schools will resume really soon.

As you might know, we really love reading your opinion. We want you to tell us what measures you think should be put in place on school reopening. What guidelines do you think federal government should give to make sure that no student gets the virus or at least reduce the spread.

Also, do you think the morning and afternoon classes will be a good idea?

Let’s hear from you. Just click on the green message button below to share your views with us. And please don’t forget to share this page with friends. We really appreciate it.

Yeaaah! We are reassuring you that as soon FG announce an official resumption date, We will post it on this page.


UPDATE 05 (26th May)Shehu Sani, former Kaduna Central Senator, has warned against reopening of schools, amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Sani warned that it was too early and dangerous to reopen schools across the country.

Do you think its really early to resume schools now? We want to hear your opinion. Just click on the green message button below to share your views with us. And please don’t forget to share this page with friends.

Meanwhile, remember, we have not updated this page with an exact resumption date because there is no official date yet. We won’t announce a date until FG does.

That’s right, we will only give you only authentic news. Once there’s an update on resumption date, be assured that we will update this page.
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UPDATE 04 (21st May 2020):

Firstly, our attention has been drawn to some rumors going around that schools will resume on 8th June 2020. We made our research and can confirm that as at the time of updating this page (9:46pm, 21st May), FG is yet to announce school resume date.

Still on that, we want to inform you that the Minister of State Education,  Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, has today (21st May) reiterated that schools will resume soon but not in two weeks time.

Read what he said:

“We all are seriously interested in reopening and I believe we will reopen soon. But I can’t confirm what your children said that we will reopen in two weeks.

“The issue around reopening has nothing to do with the availability of the schools or not. It has to do with national governance. The idea of shutting down the schools has nothing to do with the schools per se.

“You heard the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, the SGF, keep saying it is a national response. It is a single national response and everything we do flows from that.

When they determine, I’m sure you have seen all the experts here, that there is the measure of safety to which we can expose our children, we will gladly do that. We are watching and we are working with all bodies within and outside the country.

The five countries of West African Examination Council (WAEC) are meeting and I just came out of a meeting with African Union (AU) Ministers of Education, everybody is concerned as you are. We hope to reopen very soon.

This morning, I met with the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are looking at putting a system in place that can disinfect every child as he goes into a school and disinfect him as he goes out.

“If we resource our schools properly we can begin to reopen. But we must be able to ensure that the children go in safe and come out safe and not become a conduit for further infection in society.”

There you have it, YES SCHOOLS will resume soon (after the gradual ease lockdown) but not exactly after two weeks, not even 8th of June.

We promised to always update this page with latest news on when schools in Nigeria will resume, the above is the latest update!

If there’s any further update you need to know on the “school resumption date”, still be assured that we will update it on this page!

We believe this is still a good news as there’s still hope of resuming really soon. But that’s what we think! We want to know what you think.

Use the comment box below to talk with us, we want to hear from youPlease don’t forget to share this page with friends!

Incase you missed, our previous updates on when will schools resume in Nigeria, then read them below:

Previous Update 03 (20th May 2020)

We are very pleased to inform you now that the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19 have raised hope on resumption date.

Yes that’s right! The Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus response has asked businesses, offices, professional bodies, places of worship and educational institutions, to prepare for reopenining after the “two weeks gradual ease of lockdown”.

The Chairman of the PTF COVID-19 and Secretary to the government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, made this known to the public while speaking at the daily briefing on Tuesday.

He also urged Nigerians to prepare for “behavioral change” which he said ” is a must for every citizen because COVID-19 has changed the world completely”

Summary: According to the PTF, schools might resume anytime after 1st June 2020. But please note that Ministry of Education will also have to officially instruct schools to resume. The ministry is yet to give any order/statement. Once they do, we will update this page.

Schools Resume UPDATE 02

Some online rumour-mongers have posted on their blogs that schools in Nigeria will resume on June 1st 2020. That news is fake!

As at the time of updating this page, Federal Government is yet to officially announce the resumption date for schools in Nigeria. Please share this page with friends, sharing is caring!

Be assured that once FG announces the resumption date, we will update this page immediately.


When will schools resume? Is that the question you have been asking? If so, this page is just fore you! Continue reading below.

When will Schools Resume

One of the most asked questions students ask is “when will school resume?” And when students ask these question, they just need a direct answer. So, if you want a direct answer, school might resume either ending MAY or early JUNE!

Now I hope you took note of the keyword “might“? Sure you know what that word means. But if you don’t, might simply means it is not certain.

That’s correct! The resumption date is not yet certain but here at Allstudylink we really do hope schools resumes this May or worst get to worst, June!

Before I proceed with this write-up, be assured that once the resumption date is announced we will be the first person to post it on this page. We assure you that we will post only 100% confirmed information.

While schools are yet to resume, please be informed that there are a lot happening in Education Sector. Luckily, we got you covered.

Okay that said let’s continue…

Few days ago, the Federal Government through the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, said there is no resumption date for schools yet.

Below is except from the report:

“The Federal Government is not ready to put children at risk by opening schools.

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu

“The President actually addressed the issue of the opening of the economy gradually. Until that is done, we cannot foresee or immediately tell you when all the schools will be reopened.

“It will not be proper for us to simply give you a date. It has to be in tandem with these opening terms. We don’t want to put our children at risk. None of these schools can function on their own without the society.

“On the question of children promoting to the next class, those exams will happen when we are satisfied that the children have learnt what is enough for them to move.

“For those who are in the exit classes of junior basic and senior secondary schools, we are preparing them and will continue to.

“This will go on until we are sure that they are equipped for the external examinations.

“The West African Examinations Council has not cancelled their external exams. It was postponed indefinitely.

“This indefinite nature is so that we can get a definite date. Students will still have to go and take those exams when we are sure that we have taken good care of the pupils.”

But wait do you know?

Some schools like Rivers State University, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Anchor University, among others have already embarrassed the e-learning (ie virtual/online learning). Hopefully some other schools will join soon.

But some critics says the rise of online (virtual) learning will pose a threat to students who can’t afford buying MOBILE DATA. Some thinks there will be a lot of loopholes in the teaching as some lecturers/teachers are not computer literate.

While the debate is on, what do you think? Do you want all Nigerian schools to embrace the e-learning? DO you think this is the best thing we need this period.

And yes if you have any question, please feel free to use the comment box below to ask us and we will be very very pleased to answer them.