Study Nursing in Germany for Free

Free nursing course in Germany for international students. Study Nursing in Germany 2022:- In recent time, the quest for free and quality education has been the need of every student in the World.

Free nursing course in Germany - Study Nursing in Germany 2022

Everyone is seeking quality and cheap education, but unable to achieve their quest. For this reason, the German government has made education accessible to everyone, irrespective of your location or country or region or continent.

One of the most sorts after courses to study in Germany is nursing, as the growing demand for health care due to the coronavirus pandemic increases.

Though, countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia and others, offer great courses, but the cost of earning a degree in these countries is beyond the reach of the ordinary individual or family.

This is the main reason every student want to travel to Germany where the cost of education is almost zero to 100 percent free.

Nurses all over the world play a big part in ensuring that patients receive the best health care while making the work of medical physicians a lot easier.

Studying nursing is advisable to anyone who wishes to work and earn steady income. The average salary of a nurse is well enough to have a better living.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is obvious that the nurses are never out of their job, while other sectors are suffering of retrenchment, the nurses as well as all health care workers are busy working and earning.

So if your interest is to become a certified nurse, then you must be on the lookout for the best universities in the world for international students.

But instead of leaving the heavy load for you to carry, I will make it easy by pointing you to the right channel.

Like I have mention above, some of the most popular destinations for international students include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. But comparing the cost of studying a nursing course or degree, my best pick is Germany.

Germany offer cheap and in some cases free university degrees to all students irrespective of your origin or region.

Germany is known for her excellence in the academic sector. Apart from class-work, you will enjoy the German culture, and any sightseeing opportunities.

Let us see a brief overview of the country’s nursing education and how you can study in some of the prestigious and award winning German universities.

About Germany

Germany is a dream destination of all students seeking free and quality education, and understanding the German way of life is very important.

Of course, before you visit a place, you will need to know a few facts about it. Similarly, before you move to Germany for study, I will recommend that you gather some general information regarding the German society.

The country Germany is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany and is made up of 16 states. Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and it is the largest of all German cities.

It has the largest population in the EU and covers the third-largest land in Western Europe. Apart from Germany being among the superpowers in Europe, it also has one of the best education systems in the World.

German Language (Deutsch)

The major language is Germany is Deutsch, but due to civilasation, the English language is now used in Germany universities.

So if you do not understand the German language, do not trouble your heart, because most of the German universities offer their degree courses / programmes in English language.

But in order to have smooth living, it is advisable to take the Deutsch language class. You will need this for social purposes, and to get along with your new found friends if you are the friend having type of person.

How is the Nursing Education in Germany? (Study Nursing in Germany 2022)

Study Nursing in Germany
Study Nursing in Germany

The importance of nursing in Germany cannot be overstated. All top study universities in the country have included the program as an important component in their curriculum.

Germany is experiencing a shortage of certified and qualified nurses, hence the need for prioritising it in some of the colleges.

In fact, many public institutions are currently implementing incentives and financial aids for nursing students.

A qualified nursing student in German is now almost guaranteed of a job post once they are enrolled in the program.

You might be wondering how you can get a chance to study at these universities as an international student.

There are a few ways through which you can apply, and one of them is by using an admission portal designed for foreigners.

But before you do that, it is advisable that you need to first identify the ideal university that meets your needs.

You don’t have to stress yourself searching for your ideal German university to study nursing; here is a list of some universities that offer nursing programmes that might be of interest to you.

Some German Universities that offer Nursing Programmes

  1. Osnabruck University of Applied Science

What makes this university more attractive for studying nursing in Germany is the inclusion of an IT lab meant for teaching advanced applications within the field. It is probably one of the most digital-oriented learning environments among all nursing schools in the country.

Visit HS Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences here,

  1. Catholic University of North Rhine-Westphalia

As an affiliated institute, the German Institute for Applied Nursing Research unites research activities of the department under one umbrella. The educational mission of the university is to contribute to the scientific development of nursing and to take into account the processes of change and new skills required in health and elderly care.

The Bachelor of Nursing Science is one of six courses in the Department of Public Health. With it, the Department continues the goal of training future nurses and midwives.

Visit Catholic University of North Rhine-Westphalia here.

  1. FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

The school’s department of Nursing and Health commenced its operations in 1996. As such, it is the youngest of all existing departments at Bielefeld University. The course doesn’t only instill knowledge in the minds of the learners but also ensures that they grow to be responsible and more productive in the health care industry.

Visit FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences here.

  1. HS Bremen University of Applied Sciences  

Students with a nursing profession or health care profession background receive an education at Bremen that focuses on management and internationalism. The bachelor’s degree course has three separate research institutes that are successful in the market. Thus, students can become involved in the research settings of nurse care and health.

With technologically up-to-date equipment, the library of the course is also very comprehensive and part of the libraries of the state of Bremen.

Visit HS Bremen University of Applied Sciences  here.

  1. Ulm University

Ulm University was established in 1967 and focuses more on natural and applied sciences. The school is located in Ulm city, Baden-Wurttemberg.

Times Higher Education ranks it among the best young universities. Like all other German Nursing Schools, Ulm University’s curriculum ensures that every student engages in practical training for at least six months.

  1. HS Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The nursing and health sciences are instrumental to the degree courses of Nursing/Nursing Management and Nursing Education at Esslingen.

They are aligned with international knowledge while also simultaneously absorbing current national scientific and socio-political developments.

The professors of the faculty are active in research to a considerable extent, both in research and development projects as well as a large number of scientific publications.

The Institute for Applied Health and Social Research (IAF) brings an essential part of these research activities, but there is also research outside of the IAF.

Visit HS Esslingen University of Applied Sciences here.

  1. IMC FH Krems University of Applied Sciences

The focus of research in the Department of Health Sciences is in the areas of intervention research as well as stress and regulation of research.

The Department of Health Sciences at IMC Krems is made as educational Bachelor degree courses of occupational therapy, midwifery, Music Therapy, Physical Therapy, Advanced Nursing Practice, health and nursing as well as the research-oriented Master's Degree in Music Therapy.

The common goal is to provide health-related posts with a view to possible long, active, pain-free and meaningful participation fulfilled by the single individual in social and democratic life.

Visit IMC FH Krems University of Applied Sciences here.

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How Can I Apply to Study Nursing in Germany?

Once you have decided which university best suits you, then you can proceed to the next step.

As you research the best institution, remember to find out the requirements for admission. Since German universities are run independently from each other, the documents needed before you are considered for enrollment may vary.

Therefore, it is important to research on such details to avoid any inconveniences later.

Another factor to consider for studying nursing in Germany is your financial side of things. The first aspect of it is to acquire your visa and then cater to your stay in any of the cities.

The average cost of living for an international student in Germany is just about $6,000 annually if you are prudent in spending.

As for tuition fees, that will depend on the school to which you have been admitted. Also, there are a lot of scholarships available for students in various fields and levels of study.

Nursing Scholarships in Germany.

You can see DAAD scholarships here. If you happen to win a scholarship, then your schooling will be awesome, but if you could not secure a scholarship, do not worry, as there are universities offering free studies.

After you have considered every aspect up to this point, the next step to study nursing in Germany will be to send your application to the university of your choice.

As stated earlier, applications to German universities are made via an admission portal, see here; You can make use of this portal to study nursing in Germany 2020.

However, not all universities support this method, and you might need to send them your forms directly.

Note that in some universities, the application deadlines for nursing and engineering programs may vary slightly. As such, you will need to regularly check the institution’s news feed.

Although the required documents may differ from one university to another, some are common across all institutions.

Some of these documents include a passport photo, a certificate, or a degree offered by your former school and language test certificates.

Once you have all the documents, you can submit them via the website mentioned above.

You may find the general Germany university study requirements here.


Germany has a lot of opportunities for both local and international students. At this point and time, nursing is one of the most rewarding career choices due to shortage of personnel.

As such, most institutions offer this program at a lower price while providing the students with financial aid.

Applying to German universities offering nursing education is simple, but you might experience stiff competition due to current circumstances.

I hope that this article on study nursing in Germany was helpful.

Note: The information on nursing can also be used in other courses and departments. Allstudylink wishes you all the best in your quest for quality education. Thanks. Sharing is caring!