Canada declares shortage of manpower, invites Nigerians, others to fill one million vacancies

The Canadian government has declared a severe labor shortage and welcomed Nigerians and other foreign nationals to fill open positions in a variety of fields across the nation's economy.
Canada declares shortage of manpower, invites Nigerians, others to fill one million vacancies

Canada declares shortage of manpower, invites Nigerians, and others to fill one million vacancies:

According to a Statistics Canada data obtained by Ripples Nigeria on Thursday, the number of unemployed people has risen to an all-time high of one million.
With an aging population and declining birth rates in North America, immigration is still one of the methods used by employers of labor to fill open positions and promote economic growth.

The Canadian government is employing the following methods to fill the open positions:

International Students:

  • The government permitted the extension of Post-Graduation Work Permits to make it simpler for international students to stay in the nation and get experience working there (PGWPs). This enables international students having PGWPs that are about to expire to extend for an additional 1.5 years (18 months).
  • Many international students were concerned that their status might lapse before they could submit an application for permanent residency as Express Entry draws were suspended in September of last year.
  • By extending their status, PGWP holders will be able to apply for more openings, fill vacancies, and become eligible for Canadian permanent residency.

Express Entry Draws:

  • Canada's primary method for attracting foreign talent and handling immigration applications is called Express Entry. The federal government said that it will resume Express Entry drawings in July after stopping them in 2021.
  • In addition to starting Express Entry draws again, the federal government also declared that Bill C-19 is currently being approved.
  • The Express Entry drawings are controlled by the immigration minister thanks to Bill C-19. The minister may choose candidates based on their capacity to address the needs of the nation's economy rather than only on the candidates' Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS).
  • This indicates that, regardless of CRS score, the immigration minister may limit the drawings to specific professions or businesses.