Obama Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022 Application

The Obama Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, is now taking applications for the Obama Foundation Scholarship for Students. All students are eligible for this fully supported scholarship.

The Obama Foundation Scholarship

Obama Foundation Scholars spend an academic year at Columbia University honing their knowledge and abilities while also developing new capacities and networks in order to have a greater effect in their home countries. 

After completing the program, Obama Foundation Scholars are empowered to return to the communities where they previously worked and continue on a path of service.

This scholars program will provide opportunities for aspiring junior leaders around the world who are currently making a difference in their communities to advance their work through a newly created curriculum that combines academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning.

Individuals with a demonstrated commitment to service are given the tools they need to improve their efforts, develop new solutions to challenging global problems, and promote change via values-based leadership through the Scholars Program.

Obama Foundation Scholars Program Benefits

1. The Barack Obama Foundation The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy will offer a Master of Arts degree in International Development and Policy to University of Chicago scholars.

2. In addition to classroom studies, the Obama Foundation will provide a robust program of leadership development and service activities throughout the academic year to assist Scholars in gaining real-world skills, tools, and experiences that will help them expand the impact of their work when they return home.

3. These may include leadership development gatherings, program experiences in New York and Washington, DC, speaker series with innovators from various sectors, individual and group service projects, mentorship through the Obama Foundation network, potential internship placements, and the development of an action plan for post-program activities.

4. Some of the Foundation's operations will take place in Chicago and on the South Side. Students will complement what they learn in the classroom and also bring their unique insights to Chicago through connecting with the local community.

Eligibility for the Obama Foundation Scholars Program:

We're looking for up-and-coming leaders from all across the world who match the following requirements:
  1. Significant professional accomplishments and job experience (usually 3-5 years or more) with a clear trend of increasing effect.
  2. A track record of community service or public service, whether in a full-time professional job or through significant involvement outside of principal employment.
  3. Have a laser-like concentration on a global issue or policy issue.
  4. A firm commitment to returning to your community once the program ends and reinvesting your new talents.

Important Dates for the Obama Foundation Scholars Program

  1. Priority number one: The application deadline is November 1, 2021.
  2. Applications are due on January 1, 2022, as a secondary deadline.
  3. Admission and scholarship decisions will be announced in March 2022.
  4. Spring 2022 is the deadline for candidates to accept their admission.
  5. Attend the Obama Foundation Scholars Program Orientation in Chicago in August 2022.
  6. Leadership Week at the Obama Foundation (for scholarship recipients)–Late Summer 2022
  7. Orientation and Welcome Week at Harris–September 2022

How to Apply for the Obama Foundation Scholars

Obama Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline

November 2021

Obama Foundation Scholarship. Obama Foundation . Obama Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022 Application

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