Latest Scholarships

Latest scholarships for students seeking scholarships.  So many study abroad scholarships opportunities are open for application. These openings include chances for students around the world to study in Europe, United States of America (USA), and Japan, as well as summer program opportunities.

These latest scholarships covers fully funded opportunities for all students to earn free and fully funded quality education overseas.

But there are also several scholarships with studies starting in 2022 for which you still have plenty of time to prepare.

Therefore, the current selection includes the best scholarships in both August and September.

There are options for undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees in the most sought after destinations for those who wish to have an outside study experience.

This includes the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, and France. There are also summer program options and opportunities to attend global conferences. Check out!

Latest Scholarships, Latest Undergraduate Scholarships

Latest Scholarships: 

Latest Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • Santander offers 750 exchange scholarships and 9 countries
Santander is receiving applications for the Santander Ibero-American Scholarship Program. The company will offer a total of 750 undergraduate and graduate exchange scholarships to Brazilian students wishing to study abroad. Registration will be until August 7th, 2022.

The available destination countries are Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Uruguay.

The amount of the scholarship is 3,000 euros, which can be used to cover expenses such as the university fee of destination (if any), travel, food or housing.

Applications for Santander exchange scholarships must be made through the Santander Universitário application (available for Android and iOS ).

The selection process for the scholarships will be carried out by higher education institutions. That is: you need to check with your university what the process will be like, and perform the appropriate procedures.

  • Canterbury University offers 25 undergraduate scholarships in New Zealand
The University of Canterbury, New Zealand, accepts applications for its undergraduate scholarshipsuntil August 15, 2019. It is a financial aid granted to first-year students of the courses offered at the institution. To apply, you must submit the application online.

In all, up to 25 scholarships will be awarded through the UC International First Year Scholarship program.

The prize given to the selected students ranges from 10 to 20 thousand New Zealand dollars (which gives about R $ 25,700 to R $ 51,400 at the current price).

  • University awards undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in Melbourne
Have you considered studying in Australia? The University of Melbourne, located in the country’s cultural capital, has opened applications for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in Melbourne.

There are several types of scholarships, ranging from single grants to full scholarships with assistance to the candidate during the course. Registration is open until October 30th, 2022.

Among the undergraduate scholarships, the main one is the Melbourne International Undergraduate Sholarship. It ranges from AU $ 10,000 in the first year of graduation to the total value of the candidate’s course, according to his or her academic performance.

For graduate studies, there are the Graduate Research Scholarships , which cover all tuition fees of the course and offer an annual fee of AU $ 30,600 to keep the applicant in Australia.

They have a maximum duration of up to two years for masters programs or up to three and a half years for doctorates.

  • Humber College offers undergraduate scholarships in Canada

Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest city,  Humber College is one of the nation’s leading higher education institutions.

In all, there are more than 150 full-time courses available. Those interested in studying there can apply for undergraduate scholarships in Canada.

The Registration is open until September 27 for the courses that start the course in January 2020. In that case, are available seven bags: three 5000 US dollars Canadian per year, a 3 thousand dollars for a year and three thousand dollars for a year.

English exchange, undergraduate and more Canadian scholarships in Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is now open for the President’s Scholarship for Young Leaders scholarship program.

This is a Canadian scholarship program that ranges from English exchanges to undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development offered by the university. Registration is open until 30th September.

Scholarships range from $ 3,500 for English Language Programs and Professional Development Programs ( PACE ), to $ 5,000 for undergraduate and graduate programs.

This corresponds to about 25% to 100% of study costs (according to the chosen program). Intensive English programs, for example, are of less value than scholarships.

Undergraduate courses have tuition fees of up to 17,000 Canadian dollars. Students in need of additional financial assistance may also, upon admission, apply for more financial assistance offered by the university.

  • Three OAS US Open Scholarship Programs
The Organization of American States (OAS) is currently open for three undergraduate scholarship programs in the US.

The programs offer scholarships to universities in South Carolina, Colorado and Kentucky, namely: University of South Carolina Aiken (USC Aiken), Colorado State University (CSU) and Western Kentucky University (WKU). Each has its own application deadline, but all will be open until September 30th, 2022.

In all cases, you must first be accepted by the university and then apply for OAS US undergraduate scholarships.

  • Exam preparation course has scholarship for low-income youth

It’s not just in Brazil: A lot of people around the world want to study at the top universities in the United States. That’s what motivated Ethan Sawyer to create College Essay Guy, a profile dedicated to helping young people apply.

As his audience grew, Sawyer enlisted the help of other professionals, and then created the Match-lighters Scholarship, which connects promising young people with professionals who can help them prepare for study abroad.

According to Sawyer, the scholarship “connects generous and experienced mentors to low-income, high-potential students from around the world to bring the opportunity to enter university for those who need it most.”

Scholarship recipients will receive four hours of help with their essays and general preparation for the application, and two hours of help in creating a list of ideal universities from experienced advisers.

Latest Graduate Scholarships


  • DAAD postgraduate scholarships in development-related areas in Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is open for scholarships in Germany for a range of programs related to economic development.

The fellowships are part of the EPOS program , created with a focus on training outstanding professionals from developing countries. Entries range from August 31, 2019, through March 31, 2020.

In total, there are 40 master and doctorate courses, lasting between one and two years, taught in English or German at various higher education institutions in the country. A complete list of participating courses can be found in this document .

  • DAAD Scholarships for Master of Laws in Germany

The Munich International Property Law Center (MIPLC) is receiving applications for master’s degrees in law in Germany.

Scholarships are offered by the German Exchange Office ( DAAD ), and applications are open until 15 October, 2019.

The course, which selects 38 students annually, includes discussions based on Common Law and Civil Law, as well as disciplines such as economics and business administration, and is taught entirely in English.

MIPLC, in turn, is a research center run by four different institutions: the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, the University of Augsburg, the Technical University of Munich and the George Washington University.

The selected fellows will receive a monthly amount of 750 to 1,000 euros during the 12 months of the course. The fellowship also covers airfare and health insurance expenses in Germany.

DAAD Scholarships for Masters in Ecology in Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service ( DAAD ) is offering up to eight Masters Scholarships in Germany in the field of ecology and conservation.

The grants are for the Masters Program in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (or LENC) offered by the University of Greifswald in northeastern Germany. Registration is open until December 15th, 2019.

The DAAD German Masters Scholarships offer a monthly fee of € 750 and subsidize the applicant’s study and research costs, as well as support for the grantee’s family.

They also cover airfare, health insurance in Germany, and a two-month German course prior to commencement of studies (in August 2020, according to the edict ).

DAAD offers master’s degrees in urban planning in Germany

The German Exchange Service (DAAD) is receiving applications for master’s degrees in urban planning in Germany.

The scholarships are for the M.Sc. program in “Regional Development Planning and Management” taught by TU Dortmund’s School of Space Planning (SPRING). Registration is open until October 1st, 2019.

The selected fellows will receive a monthly amount of € 850 (R $) per month to maintain for the duration of the course. The scholarship also includes health insurance and round trip airfare to Brazil.

DAAD Full MBA Scholarships in Germany

Scholarships for MBA in Germany are open until 1 October, 2019 as part of the EPOS program created by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

EPOS focuses on postgraduate courses in the country that relate to sustainable development, in which case the training offered by the University of Leipzig is dedicated to small and medium enterprises.

The training is called SEPT, which stands for “Small Enterprise Promotion and Training” (or “small business promotion and training”).

The program focuses on small businesses, analyzing success stories in Germany and the measures that have yielded their success.

€ 1,000 Masters Scholarships per month at University of Frankfurt

The University of Frankfurt, Germany has opened applications for the Goethe Goes Globalprogram, which offers Masters scholarships to international students.

The proposal is to attract young people who have good academic performance and are interested in research. To apply for scholarships to the University of Frankfurt, you must apply by 31 August, 2019.

Those selected by the initiative receive monthly assistance of one thousand euros, during the two years of the course. Scholarships are available for all master’s programs offered by the University of Frankfurt.

To complete the course, students can choose between writing a dissertation or taking a supervised internship at the university research unit corresponding to their course.

Scholarships up to € 2,750 per month for search in Germany

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is receiving applications for the German Chancellor’s Fellowship for tomorrow’s leaders.

It is a research fellowship program in Germany that aims to recruit young leaders from Brazil, China, India, Russia and the United States who can act as mediators between Germany and their countries of origin in the future. Registration is open until September 15th.

During the fellowship, fellows will receive individual mentoring from a mentor of their choice to develop a one-year research project.

They will also take part in a study tour of Germany, through various educational institutions and networking events with other fellows and representatives of German companies and organizations.

The foundation also supports fellows to maintain this contact throughout their careers.

Institute offers scholarships for textbook research in Germany

The Georg Eckert Institute, a German institute dedicated to research in teaching materials, is receiving scholarship applications for textbook research and educational media.

Two programs are open: the Georg Eckert Institute Fellowship Program and the Otto Bennemann Grant, both addressing the same theme. Registration for both runs until September 15th.

Those selected for the Fellowship Program will receive a monthly contribution of € 1,000 for the duration of the program.

Duration varies by candidate’s research project. The minimum time, however, is two weeks. And usually, the scholarships last from one month to one and a half months.

The Otto Bennemann Grant offers a monthly value of € 2,000 for up to two months. Her idea is to promote research on textbooks that have (the research) innovative methodological approaches.

Both Fellowship and Grant also allow the elect to apply for assistance with airfare expenses. In this case, the institute will cover 50% of travel expenses, up to a maximum of € 500.

Museum offers scholarships of up to € 30,000 for researchers in Germany

The Deutsches Museum, a museum located in Munich, Germany, is receiving applications for the Scholar-in-Residence Program 2019.

The program will offer research grants in Germany of up to € 30,000 for researchers wishing to develop doctoral or postdoctoral level research projects related to the museum collection. Registration is open until October 11th.

Projects can be six or 12 months long. Doctoral level projects will receive a grant of € 7,500 (if they are six months long) or € 15,000 (for 12 months).

Postdoctoral projects, in turn, will receive a grant of € 15,000 (six months) or € 30,000 (12 months).

In addition to the values, the fellows will also have their own work space in the museum, with computer and telephone, and will have the opportunity to temporarily live in museum-subsidized apartments.

Study in Argentina:

Argentine Government offers Masters and Research scholarships

For those considering studying in Latin America: a call for scholarships and research in Argentina is open, offered by the government of the country itself.

Scholarships are offered for a selection of about 30 different masters programs at 15 different universities and schools in Argentina. Registration is open until September 5th.

The complete list of contemplated programs can be seen at this link. In the case of research grants, there is no closed list of eligible programs.

All Argentine state-run universities can offer the scholarships, as long as the candidate gets an invitation from a researcher at the institution to do their work thereby receiving the scholarship.

Study in Asia:

Postgraduate scholarships in India in the areas of Design and Urbanism

Anant University is receiving applications for the Anant University Fellowship program. With the subtitle “Solutionaries for the Built Environment”, the program offers postgraduate study grants in India to students in areas such as Design, Architecture, Urbanism, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

There is no deadline for applications but the university points out that applicants interested in postgraduate scholarships in India should apply as soon as possible.

Fellowship is Anant University’s flagship program, according to the university itself. It is a one-year multidisciplinary program that addresses areas such as green urbanism, land-based construction techniques, and at the same time disciplines such as Anthropology and Sociology.

The university offers scholarships of 80% of the housing and food costs of the program, which is 1 million rupees (R $ 55,000).

Students with an annual household income of less than Rs. 800,000 may also apply for full scholarships that cover tuition, food and housing costs during the course year.

UNESCO and Japanese government offer scholarships for researchers

They are open until November 29th the registration for the fellowship Keizo Obuchi a UNESCO initiative to researchers up to 40 years.

The program, developed in partnership with the government of Japan, will recruit ten scholars to receive a US $ 10,000 contribution to their research projects, which can be carried out over 3 to 9 months in any country.

Although scholarships are for any country, applicants who wish to undertake at least part of their studies in Japan will be preferred.

Women and citizens of developing countries will also have a preference in the scholarship selection process.

Singapore government offers Ph.D. and research grants

The Government of Singapore has opened applications for Ph.D. scholarships in the areas of Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences topics (such as Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy) through the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) program You can apply until December 1 for the doctoral student program, which starts in May 2020.

The scholarship fully covers the annual dues for up to four years of program duration.

There is also a monthly fee of about $ 2,000 (which rises to $ 2,500 after the applicant qualifies), $ 1,000 in-country financial aid and $ 1,500 for airfare.


Research in Australia: University of Sydney offers Masters and Ph.D. scholarships

The University of Sydney welcomes researchers from around the world each year for its master’s and doctoral programs.

Through its international scholarships, the institution provides financial support to anyone wishing to develop research in Australia. Registration is open until 31st August.

Remember that there is no separate application for scholarships. Applicants must submit their data and documents required by their course of choice to be evaluated against a range of criteria.

These include undergraduate academic performance and previous research experience. As a benefit, the program covers the value of tuition and maintenance in the country for a period of up to three years.

University of Newcastle, Australia offers Masters and Ph.D. scholarships

A program funded by the University of Newcastle and the Commonwealth Government offers Masters and Ph.D. scholarships in Australia. There are two rounds of applications per year, and the next is closed on September 1st.

The scholarship includes an annual allowance of $ 27,000, covers the tuition fee of the university and even offers health insurance.

The benefits have a maximum duration of four years for a doctorate and two years for a master’s degree in research. Check here the list of PhDs and Masters offered by the institution.

10 full scholarships for postgraduate research in Australia

The  Flinders University, public university located in Adelaide, Australia, is receiving applications for its International Scholarship Graduate Research. 

As part of the Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Scholarship, up to 10 postgraduate scholarships will be offered in Australia. Entries run until August 9th.

The Australian Postgraduate Scholarships for the program last up to three years and cover all of the institution’s annuity costs, plus an annual aid of $ 27,596,000 (about $ 74,000).

Applicant’s airfare expenses may also be reimbursed, and fellows will receive an installation allowance of up to $ 1,485 upon arrival in the country.

Study in Austria:

Austrian postgraduate scholarships for women in IT

Registration is open for Helmut Veith Stipend, a postgraduate scholarship program in Austria for women in the information technology field.

Scholarships are aimed at women who want to complete one of the master’s degree programs in Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) in English. Registration is open until November 30th.

Selected fellows will have all tuition costs covered. They will also receive € 6,000 per year over the duration of the program to support living expenses in Vienna, Austria.

Study in Canada: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

Doctoral and Professional Development Scholarships in Canada from the Government of Quebec

Québec’s research fund for nature and technology is receiving applications for the Merit Scholarship Program for International Students.

It is a doctoral scholarship program in Canada, specifically in the Québec region. There are also postdoctoral fellowships and short-term research or further training. Registration is open until October 1st .

Doctoral fellows will receive a grant of 25,000 Canadian dollars (about R $ 71,900) per year, with a maximum duration of three years.

It is possible to apply for an extension of the scholarship at the end of this period, up to 12 months. In this case, the grantee will receive another thousand Canadian dollars (approximately R $ 2,800) per month.

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Canadian government offers 70 research grants

The Canadian government is currently applying for the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program.

The program will target 70 researchers with a scholarship of 70,000 Canadian dollars per year(approximately R $ 209,000) for up to two years. Canada Research Fellowships apply until September 18th, 2019.

The program is aimed at both Canadian and foreign researchers. In the case of foreign researchers (which is what interests us), it is necessary that the research is conducted in a Canadian institution.

The institution is chosen by the candidate, and the scholarship will include researchers in the areas of human, exact, biological and health.

Government of Canada offers 166 Ph.D. scholarships in Canada

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program is sponsored by the Government of Canada to encourage doctoral studies in the country.

More than 160 Canadian $ 50,000 scholarships are offered annually to students in the social, humanities, natural sciences, engineering and health fields.

Registration for the next edition runs until November 6. The courses, in turn, start in May or September 2020.

Study in China: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

Schwarzman Scholars: Full-time English Masters Scholarships in China

This scholarship application is open until September 26 2019 in order for students to registration for the program.

Schwarzman Scholars, which provides full scholarships for masters courses in Tsinghua University, located in Beijing and considered the best university among emerging countries.

The master’s degree lasts for one year and you can choose from three areas of study: Public Policy, Economics and Business, and International Studies.

It is not necessary to have prior training in any of these areas to compete or master Mandarin, as all classes will be in English.

The scholarships cover all masters cost and also include area tickets to China, housing, food, health insurance, a personal computer and a monthly amount for personal expenses of $4,000 US Dollar.

All accepted and approved students for this scholarship must live at Tsinghua University Campus.

Study in USA (United States of America): Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

Stanford Opens Applications for $ 750 Million Postgraduate Scholarship Program.

Stanford University offers scholarship program for postgraduate courses, available for all areas.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars offers a total of US $ 750 million in financial support – is the largest scholarship program already funded by grants. Applications for Stanford scholarships are open until October 9th 2019.

Stanford University scholarship is fully funded scholarship, and it is made available to cover all expenses of students during your Stanford University study duration.

This include tuition fees; accommodation, food on campus; research, study books, and equipment; health insurance; return air travel ticket to Stanford; internal city bus transportation and  some pocket money.

Johns Hopkins University Launches Masters Scholarship Honoring Marielle Franco

Johns Hopkins University recently opened the scholarship in honor of Marielle Franco, a council woman murdered in March 2018 in Rio de Janeiro.

Financial support was made available through an anonymous donation received on behalf of Marielle.

The amount has not yet been disclosed, but the fact is that the scholarship will cover part of the master’s expenses in international relations focusing on Latin America.

The course is part of the Latin American Studies Program (LASP) of the   Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Candidates for any Johns Hopkins SAIS course will be considered for the Marielle Franco Fellowship, provided their area of ​​research focus is Latin American studies.

The list of available courses can be accessed on this page.

LAIOB offers 12 business scholarships in the USA

The LAIOB (Latin American Institute of Business) is offering 12 scholarships for the courses Marketing, Management, Sales Management & Negotiation, and Innovative Project Management.

The scholarships for business courses are from the University of Akron, Ohio, in the United States, and last for two weeks, with a workload of 64 hours.

They will take place in February 2020. Entries up to August 25 can be made through this link.

For each of the four courses, LAIOB will offer one full scholarship and two 70% scholarships, totaling 12 business course scholarships.

In addition, the institute will also award 50% and 30% scholarships to other selected candidates during the selection process.

 Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships: Fund offers scholarships for US democracy projects

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US fund aimed at strengthening democratic institutions, is receiving applications for the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship.

It is a project grant program in the United States aimed at activists, journalists, researchers and civil society leaders that allows them to spend five months residing in Washington DC doing research. Registration is open until October 1, 2019.

Fellows will receive a monthly (unspecified) amount to cover “the cost of an apartment rental, food, local transportation and other necessities” in the city.

The financial aid also covers airfares and health insurance. In addition, fellows will have a fully equipped office and a limited budget for international calls and business travel within the United States.

Foundation offers grants of up to $ 65,000 for US research

The Getty Foundation is receiving applications for the Getty Scholar Grants program, which offers research grants in the United States.

The program will include researchers or writers working in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Registration is open until October 1st.

You can apply for three-, six- or nine-month residences between September 2019 and June 2020. Three-month residency grants are $ 17,200.

For six-month residences, scholarships are $ 42,000. And for nine-month residences, scholarships are $ 65,000 over the entire period.

In addition to the values, scholars will also be entitled to an apartment in the Getty residential complex and an office at the Getty Research Institute in California.

The scholarship also covers airfare to Los Angeles and health insurance.

Study in Europe: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

The European Commission (EU) will give  € 300 million in scholarships to experienced researchers

Registration for the are open Individual Fellowships of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. The program, which accepts applications until September 11, was created by the European Commission, the executive body of the European bloc.

It supports researchers from anywhere in the world and has a budget of € 294.49 million for the year 2019.

The focus of the initiative are areas of science: Environmental Sciences and Geosciences, Biological Sciences, Information Sciences and Engineering, Economic Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. The only restriction of themes concerns research on nuclear energy, contemplated by other edicts in Europe.

€ 5,000 scholarship for master’s degree in Europe

If you are thinking of doing a master’s degree in Europe and already want to plan ahead, stay tuned. is offering Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship, a € 5,000 European Masters Scholarship for courses starting in the second half of 2020.

Enrollment for this scholarship opening is 13th May - April 2020.

The amount can be used by the fellow to cover tuition costs of any Masters degree of his choice in Europe.

Since the amount is paid directly to the university, it cannot be used for other purposes.

However, the scholarship has no exclusivity clause: that is, you can apply for another Masters scholarship in Europe to help fund your studies if you wish.

Study in Italy: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

Over 68 full-time PhD (postgraduate) scholarships at one of Italy’s most traditional schools.

Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) is open for full PhD scholarships in Italy for both Italian and international students.

The selection process is relatively simple, and applications will be received by August 29th!

A total of 68 scholarships are offered in the following areas:

Classical Studies, Data Science, Political Science and Sociology, Philosophy, Transnational Governance, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Molecular Science Methods and Models, Nanoscience, Neuroscience, Political Sciences, and Sociology etc.

Study in Mexico: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

Mexican government offers fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students to live and study in Mexico.

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) are receiving applications for graduate scholarships in Mexico.

Scholarships are for masters and doctoral programs at Mexican higher education institutions taught in English or Spanish.

Study in Mexico registration is open until October.

Fellows will receive a monthly amount ranging from 10,274 Mexican pesos (about R $ 2,060) for specializations up to 15,411 Mexican pesos (R $ 3,090) for the doctorate.

In addition, they will be entitled to basic health insurance while in Mexico and discounts on study fees at certain universities.

The best-placed will also receive a value of US $ 1,200 (about R $ 4,580) to assist in their installation in the country.

Study in Switzerland: Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships

University of Lausanne offers Master’s scholarships in Switzerland.

Have you thought about undertaking a masters degree course in Switzerland? If you have this in mind, I am pleased to bring to your notice that Lausanne University scholarships is currently on for students to apply for in 2019.

The scholarship courses are taught in English language and also in French Language.

The registration can be made until November 1st 2019. To apply, applicants must choose one of the master’s programs offered by UNIL. 

Remember that some of them are not eligible: the Master of Medicine, the Master of Law and the Master of Education.

The scholarship is 1600 Swiss francs (about R $ 6,280) per month, between September and July.

Those selected will also have a reduced semester rate for their master’s degree in Switzerland. They will pay 80 Swiss francs instead of 580.

Women’s MBA Scholarships at one of Switzerland’s top universities

Applications for women’s MBA scholarships are open until September 30 at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A grant of 25,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to approximately 95,000 reais, will be awarded.

The initiative came in 1997 when alumni of the institute came together to stimulate female attendance at the Swiss school.

Therefore, the focus is on candidates from developing countries, such as Brazil.

More Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships Opportunities for students to Apply

Fund offers £ 120,000 scholarship for Master of Public Health

The Wellcome Trust, institution research focused on public health, is receiving applications for its program International Master’s Fellowships.

The public health masters grants will support young public health researchers, clinical or otherwise, to pursue a master’s degree on important public health topics for low- or middle-income countries. Registration is open until August 30th 2019.

In total, scholarships have a value of £ 120,000 (about $ 591,800) for 30 months duration. Of these 30 months, 12 should be devoted to a taught master’s degree and a further 18 to a research project.

The first 12 months can be taken at any higher education institution in the world; The remaining 18 months, however, should be focused on a low- or middle-income country, including Brazil.

The full list of Wellcome low and middle-income countries can be found here.

Scholarships for short-term law professionals in Hungary

They are open until 8 August the entries for the fourth edition of Cool Empowerment Leadership Course.

The initiative focuses on law professionals who have a leading role and use the area to bring about social change.

The short course in Hungary will take place from December 1st to 6th in Budapest.

According to the program, the “legal empowerment” course aims to “empower people to understand, use and shape the law”.

Its goal is to “cultivate a global group of leaders who are committed to legal empowerment and share a common understanding of this field, including history, methodology, and evidence.”

International mentoring program has scholarships for young people

The Global Changemakers Mentorship Program is a mentoring program for young people that aims to help them realize their potential through self-awareness and action.

At 13 weeks long, it puts 15- to 22-year-olds in touch with selected mentors from a network. Registration is open until August 10th.

This is not really an opportunity to study abroad: mentoring meetings with mentors from other locations are on platforms like Skype or Hangouts.

However, according to Yasmin Morais, one of the founders of the program, she can help those with this goal.

“Because mentoring is a set of activities to set goals and achieve them, it can serve as a motivator and tool for young people who want to study abroad,” he says.

The program consists of five steps. They start with self-awareness sessions, help participants identify a purpose, set goals, and ultimately create an execution plan for their goals.

Young Ambassadors 2020 Program Receives Applications Until August 11

Registration is open for the Young Ambassadors 2020 Program. This program is sponsored by the US Embassy Brazil, and it is provided to annually take 50 public school students for a three-week exchange in the United States.

You can apply for the first phase of the process until August 11, 2019

To participate:

  • you must be between 15 and 18 years old by January 10, 2020;

  • go to public high school,

  • have excellent school performance,

  • a good level of English proficiency,

  • never traveled to the United States,

  • have a good relationship with your school and community,

  • have been doing volunteer work for at least a year.

Georgetown University offers leadership program scholarship

Registration is open for the 2019 edition of the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program, the GCL.

The initiative brings local leaders, who work in the public, business or social sector, to a ten-week program in Washington, DC. Registration can be made until August 12th.

The initiative consists of a series of courses and visits to institutions located in the American capital such as Congress and the White House.

During the course period, which runs from January 27 to April 2, 2020, participants have a chance to discuss ideas with public figures and experts from various fields.

The scholarships offered include expenses such as accommodation, course materials, medical insurance and round trip airfare to the United States.

It is up to the student to bear the costs of the US visa and their own food for the ten weeks.

Government of Maranhão offers 80 language course scholarships in South Africa, Argentina, and France

The State Government of Maranhão is receiving applications for the program “Citizen of the World”.

The program will award 80 scholarships for language courses abroad in the cities of Montpellier (France), Cape Town (South Africa) and Cordoba (Argentina).

At the destinations, the fellows will study, respectively, French, English or Spanish. Registration is open until August 13th.

There are 30 scholarships for the English course in Cape Town, 30 for the Spanish course in Cordoba and 20 for the French in Montpellier.

The expected departure for the courses is September 2019, with a return expected for December 2019.

In addition to the course, they will also receive R $ 4,500 to cover all expenses of students while studying and living abroad.

In conclusion part of this Latest Study Abroad International Scholarships article, i recommend you read carefully every scholarship requirements before applying.

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