9 Tuition Free Schools in Canada

9 Tuition Free Schools in Canada you can apply for today. Continue reading.
Tuition Free Schools in Canada

9 Tuition Free Schools in Canada

Why pay thousands of dollars to go to college? Several colleges and universities across Canada offer tuition-free programs, giving students the opportunity to study without an enormous debt load hanging over their heads. Here are 10 schools in Canada that offer tuition-free programs

1. The Nova Scotia Community College

As one of 11 community colleges under Nova Scotia’s Community College System, NSCC provides education, training and research to students from across Nova Scotia.

Established by an Act of Legislature in 1970, NSCC serves a total population of almost 600,000 people from around 24 counties.

The college includes campuses in Dartmouth, Sydney, Berwick and Cape Breton as well as several additional locations throughout Nova Scotia. All programs are offered on a tuition-free basis for eligible students.

2. The North Island College School of Distance Education

North Island College School of Distance Education offers students a wide range of tuition-free learning opportunities, including accredited programs and courses for high school, college and university credit.

With more than 100 different courses to choose from each year, you’re sure to find one that fits your schedule, interests and budget.

Their home-study program also allows students living too far away from Vancouver Island campuses to take full advantage of NIC programs by offering online course content and group study support with other learners via technology. ​

Students must be 18 years of age or older to register for distance education courses offered through North Island College.

Visit their website today to learn more about distance education studies at NIC! For further information, please contact: Phone: 250 753 3028 Email: admin@nic.bc.ca Address: 1111 Victoria Street W., Courtenay BC V9N 3S2

3. Ontario International College

In order to meet our goal of improving adult basic education through partnerships, OC welcomes students with open arms.

The academic calendar offers morning and evening courses to ensure there are no conflicts between school and work schedules.

Students learn in a supportive environment that fosters continued growth while meeting workplace demands. This outstanding example of tuition free schools is located at 200 Clarke Road; Ajax, ON L1S 6B7.

4. The Freedom Institute

This tuition-free school was founded on the belief that a universal education is fundamental to preserving freedom and democracy, as they say on their website.

Their approach is based on libertarian ideals—not surprisingly, given its location in New Hampshire. You’ll find a focus on individual autonomy, free markets, and limited government intervention at The Freedom Institute. (Nerdist)

5. Georgian College School of Business and Technology

Georgian College’s School of Business and Technology boasts an impressive annual enrollment of over 2,700 full-time students.

In addition to a strong academic program, students have access to career development services and experiential learning opportunities.

6. Algonquin College Study Centres - Toronto Downtown, Ottawa South, London, Collège Boréal...

Enrolment is open to students from all over North America who are interested in pursuing a career path related to business, administration, health care or information technology.

Whether you’re looking for a way to start your post-secondary education without accumulating thousands of dollars of debt or want to find out what kind of career opportunities are available before you enrol at Algonquin College...there’s no better place than an Algonquin College Study Centre!

7. Trinity Western University School of Education

The school of education at Trinity Western University is among the top schools in Canada for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The university has received a Top 50 Undergraduate Teaching Institution award from Macleans Magazine.

The program also ranks first for Education Doctorates and second for Master’s Degrees. High academic standards and creative collaboration among students is part of what makes TWU one of Canada’s best tuition free schools.

8. Athabasca University Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies and Tronstad College

Both Athabasca University and Tronstad College are entirely tuition-free schools that train students to be leaders in their fields.

Both schools offer extensive programs, including post-graduate options, and operate entirely tuition-free.

Both institutions are affiliated with Athabasca University, a leading Canadian university that also has locations in northern Alberta and Winnipeg.

Tronstad College was founded by Norwegian immigrant Hans Tronstad and is located in Alberta’s capital city of Edmonton.

9. Cape Breton University Continuing Education Centre

In 2013, Cape Breton University (CBU) announced that it will be offering a new tuition-free program at its Continuing Education Centre.

The program, which is an initiative of CBU President David Wheeler, will serve as a transition for individuals looking to enter post-secondary education.

It's open to students who have not yet finished high school and adults with no post-secondary education.

One major component of the university's plan is to work with high schools so that graduating students are better prepared for tertiary studies.